1. This is 5 stories building (approx. 18 meters tall) with a pile foundation. 2. The structure system is a combination of steel beam-column framing with composite Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) floor planks. 3. The CLT planks are topped with a 40mm thick concrete topping slab which is required for durability, acoustics, and fire resistance of the floor framing system. 4. Composite action between the topping slab and the mass-timber floor planks is achieved using structural screws designed to provide composite behaviour. 5. The topping slab is reinforced to make the composite floor system continuous over steel beam supports. The hotel has typical column bays of 7.5m by 7.5m with a 40mm thick post-tensioned concrete flat plate. 6. The total thickness of the composite timber floor system is 160mm. Our structure provides non-combustible type II fire resistance. The depth of piles is 6.6m. 7. Frost line of the ground 1.2m. 8. Type of the ground: Sand, Gravel, Sandstone.


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