One of the key benefits of BIM is the ability to spot 'clashes' at an early stage in your project where they should be much easier, cheaper and less time consuming to rectify.

Navisworks is instrumental in performing interference checks and functionally is capable of extracting clash reports that can be further used for BIM coordination

Step 1- Prepare a Revit model

Shows how to link several models in Revit and save it as a IFC file.

Step 2- Export and open file in Navisworks

Shows how to export and oprn the file in Nawisworks

Step 3- Run clash test

Shows how one can select building elements to perform clash tests.

Step 4- Assign the clashes to resolve

Shows how to assign individual clashes to the responsible individuals to be corrected.

Step 5- Generate report

Shows how to end the process by completely documenting the clashes in a report format.

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