Find talent in Utopia - Autodesk Forge platform!


Find talent in Utopia!

Are you affected by the labour shortage in Canada? Are you looking for BIM Specialists in various disciplines? Check out Utopia - Smart City Hub - Autodesk Forge based platform, where you can post your BIM vacancies. It is a free platform where you can create your account and post related job offers directly to the growing community of BIM professionals from all over the world!

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According to a new study released recently by the Business Development Bank of Canada, the labour shortage is in every industry and every part of the country. This includes the AECOO industry where finding skilled professionals is becoming more and more challenging these days.  Fifty-five per cent of small and medium-sized businesses in Canada are struggling to hire the workers they need, which is limiting growth and forcing businesses to delay or refuse new orders. If you are experiencing this, you may consider engaging freelancers and international workers as soon as they meet your opening requirements.


Review profiles in Utopia!

Utopia - Smart City Hub is here to help. The job posting process takes just a few steps and once complete, the applicants will start knocking to your door on their own! Just ask the potential applicants to apply directly on Utopia with model samples uploaded to its Autodesk Forge viewer and you can get email notifications including a link to the applicant’s profile and 3D project portfolio, which you can access and review anytime you want. This will help you to efficiently assess the applicant’s 3D modelling skills and save you a lot of time.
All that the applicants have to do is to create an account, upload the 3D models and publish their interactive project portfolio.


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In Utopia you can hire people with the confidence, that you found the right skillset. Posted by the applicants 3D models of various disciplines help with evaluating their actual skills and ensure there is no risk for your project. If you get impressed by their work you can like and compliment the owner in the comments. Now you can even meet in our virtual Utopia Cafe for an interview right away! Utopia provides a lot of different ways to grow your professional  network by both: employers and employees.


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Utopia was introduced for the first time in 2019 at AU. It is a growing virtual networking platform which allows the AECOO industry members to find centralized information about the latest technology, exchange knowledge, advance career by sharing their 3D portfolio, find new business opportunities, advertise their products and innovate. Come, join, explore and contribute to Utopia today!


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